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Skyline Steel, Inc. was founded in 1983 as a steel building contractor specializing in covered parking structures. Rick Dancer, President of Skyline Steel since 1987, found that subcontracing portions of the work increased costs and decreased their control over scheduling of all metal building projects.

Faced with this challenge, Skyline Steel set out to perform each task in the process. They gained more equipment and specialists for each phase of the structural steel building process. Skyline Steel became the first company in the southwest to provide complete covered parking structures

Soon, Skyline Steel was building anything from airplane hangers to manufacturing sheds. By 1992, they dominated this segment of the steel building industry and began to take on commercial metal buildings. The commercial building segment is now the largest division in the company and provides the same full service fabrication and erection.

Full Service Structure Fabrication

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Our commitment is to continually provide our customers the finest quality products at a fair and competitive price with a superior, uniquely enjoyable and satisfied experience...
each and every time.

Rick Dancer: President - Skyline Steel Inc.

Our Mission Statement

By engraining a philosophy of achievement among its dynamic, family orientated corporate culture, Skyline Steel shall continue to utilize the best-suited equipment and technology.

Skyline is committed to full service and quality products at competitive prices as the most dependable Subcontractor in the business.

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