Skyline Steel Inc. Client Testimonials

General Contractor: D.L. Withers

“When it comes to Carports, they communicate well in advance, set a plan and schedule, and then perform to those agreements with quality…I will say Skyline did apply effort to meet schedule and worked the hours needed. If a quality or functional issue arises, they correct the condition without hesitation. Very fair in negotiating joint blame conditions. Excellent Carport company. One stop for a complete package.”

“To better serve us Skyline Steel continually provides prompt communication and constant awareness of schedule, both in fabrication, delivery and erection.”

If I had the opportunity to refer Skyline Steel, Inc. to another company: “Definitely, quality fabrication and timely delivery makes Skyline stand out.”

General Contractor: Summit Builders

“First, the fabrication is done in your onsite facility. All long lead items such as decking and joist are secured in a timely manner. We have never had a price escalation cost after the initial handshake agreement which means more than the contract itself. Skyline Steel takes a “Team” approach to all their projects to ensure the fullest of client satisfaction.”

“I would describe Skyline’s overall performance and/or quality on our jobs as: “Excellent”.”

“Skyline Steel has proven their commitment through, Five (5) years of dedication and service.”

“In Carports, they take ownership of the project from the design; permit process, fabrication and installation up to the final completion of the project.”

“Most definitely I would recommend Skyline Steel. They have a unique company policy which once again they take ownership of their project’s to insure the best for all in a win-win product and quality package, thus securing future relationships.”

“To better serve us Skyline constantly shows dedication and low cost value to help us keep in good relationships with our owners/clients.”

General Contractor: Lusardi Construction

“SSI was able to provide a quality product in timely manner and on budget. That makes any project a success. Their quality was great. They took a tough (bad drawings, what is new) and brought the job in on time and with minimal changes. We had several challenges, like all jobs do, but SSI was there and responded to “make it happen.” That is what we look for in a quality subcontractor.”

“SSI was committed to getting the job done. The field and the office did what they had to do to “make it happen”. Several times onsite I would see Nikki Wood going over minor changes and making sure our Superintendents had everything that they needed. That was great.”

“I have worked with many different steel subcontractors and I would put SSI at the top of my list. They are good to work with from all the reasons I have described above.”

If I had the opportunity to refer Skyline Steel, Inc. to another company: “YES, without a doubt. See above.”

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