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steel framework

LDS at Arizona State University

General Contractor: Layton Construction Companies

This project involved several hours of field fabrication and heavy coordination due to tight quarters between our work area and the parking garage nearby.

Pima Commerce
General Contractor: Skyce Steel

steel buildings

The structural erection portion of this project included two buildings and a miscellaneous package in-between. In the buildings, both floors included joist and a major roof levels. There were some problems with the dimensions for the canopies and connections in the stairwell which did not please the owner at the time.

This project showcases the capabilities of both shop and field in regards to heavy miscellaneous steel. After long hours and hard work we delivered our product to the full satisfaction of the owner.

steel buildings

Chandler Village
General Contractor: Renaissance Companies

Chandler Village was a simple joist and deck job that was under roof within a week. The water tower however, the architectural package that was awarded to us, was something completely innovative and unique. The tower was first built on the ground then hoisted for installation. As one of the heaviest architectural features we had built up to that time, there may never be another one like it.

Human Services Campus
General Contractor: D.L. Withers

steel buildings

Human Services was different for us. We undertook a design-build perspective with the General Contractor. It was a challenging project because of the risks involved with critical path as we were in critical path situations 90% of the job.

The steel installation and erection package was primarily joist, deck, miscellaneous steel and structural beams that really pushed our 80 ton crane to its limits. There were really long picks that commanded the focus of our ironworkers.

At completion, the city was pleased with our work as the General Contractor did an excellent job of maintaining their schedule and meeting their expectations.

steel buildings

Scottsdale Ridge

General Contractor: Caviness Construction

Scottsdale Ridge is a two story project primarily consisting of 2nd floor beams, joist and a roof level. The erection package was under roof in three weeks. This job was pre-planned very well and we accomplished all the goals set to satisfy our customer.


General Contractor: Kovach

steel buildings

Kovach is a good example of our diverse capabilities and how multi-faceted we can be. The building is able to showcase the artistry of the architect and their capabilities through the steel radiuses throughout the structure.

Heavy coordination between the detailer, shop and field really made the difference when problems arose. From an estimating standpoint there were several unknown factors and we were highly dependent on other trades.

As a structural steel package Kovach had several miscellaneous parts. The project was an excellent learning experience that successfully delivered a satisfactory product to our customer.

Desert Shadows
General Contractor – D.L. Withers

Miscellaneous erection typically takes more intimacy to complete. This job is an example of the kind of hip-and-valley work we have done. There were several constraints during the progress of the job. Erection and installation occurred between school schedules, on weekends and within tight quarters.

Chandler High School
General Contractor: D.L. Withers

The structural steel package at Chandler High included several beams and radius roofing. Our biggest challenge there was the critical path items with other trades and the intensity of the project coordination. Erection and installation times were dictated by school hours. Accommodations were made throughout the project for our customer and at completion, they were very pleased with the project.

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