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Two years ago our bread-and-butter work primarily included joist, deck, warehouse-type structures and miscellaneous steel. Since then we’ve been gearing up to take on heavier weights, higher heights and more complex buildings. Our field personnel have integrated more sophisticated training techniques to prepare them for increasingly challenging work. We have managed, without increasing our department size, to raise profitability and inflate customer retention.

Our safety ratings have reached new levels through intense OSHA training methods. We continuously strive to find new and effective ways to improve production and better our safety management systems. Our goal is to train all of our erectors in OSHA 30 or OSHA 10 classes before the end of their first year of employment. We continue toward safety superiority to help our personnel feel safer at work.

Mark Bormann on his motivation:

“We have guys that have done steel work forever. They have bad habits that are hard to correct. We want to teach them the right ways to get things done by knowing the rules and regulations, knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is inspiring to see the guys learn and develop good work habits because it makes a great living for themselves and their families. We offer the tools to equip the men to have the ability to work anywhere in the world. We want the men to choose to work here not because the have to but, because they want to.”

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