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structural steel buildings

Structural Trusses

Banner Baywood

steel beams

Tower Addition

Structural Erection: Architectural

Pima Commerce
General Contractor: Skyce Steel

structural steel buildings

The structural erection portion of this project included two buildings and a miscellaneous package in-between. In the buildings, both floors included joist and a major roof levels. There were some problems with the dimensions for the canopies and connections in the stairwell which did not please the owner at the time.

This project showcases the capabilities of both shop and field in regards to heavy miscellaneous steel. After long hours and hard work we delivered our product to the full satisfaction of the owner.

fabricated metal buildings

Chandler Village
General Contractor: Renaissance Companies

Chandler Village was a simple joist and deck job that was under roof within a week. The water tower however, the architectural package that was awarded to us, was something completely innovative and unique. The tower was first built on the ground then hoisted for installation. As one of the heaviest architectural features we had built up to that time, there may never be another one like it.

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