steel frame construction


structural steel fabrication

Structural Trusses

Banner Baywood

structural steel building

Tower Addition

Structural Erection: Commercial

steel framework

LDS at Arizona State University

General Contractor: Layton Construction Companies

This project involved several hours of field fabrication and heavy coordination due to tight quarters between our work area and the parking garage nearby.

metal structure

Scottsdale Ridge

General Contractor: Caviness Construction

Scottsdale Ridge is a two story project primarily consisting of 2nd floor beams, joist and a roof level. The erection package was under roof in three weeks. This job was pre-planned very well and we accomplished all the goals set to satisfy our customer.

steel framework


General Contractor: Kovach

Kovach is a good example of our diverse capabilities and how multi-faceted we can be. The building is able to showcase the artistry of the architect and their capabilities through the steel radiuses throughout the structure.

Heavy coordination between the detailer, shop and field really made the difference when problems arose. From an estimating standpoint there were several unknown factors and we were highly dependent on other trades.

As a structural steel package Kovach had several miscellaneous parts. The project was an excellent learning experience that successfully delivered a satisfactory product to our customer.

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